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Kreation is our answer to an industry where clients all too often seem to be left behind. We wanted to create a collaborative space with flexible teams and services - built for your needs. Welcome!

Kreation Studio

We help brands & agencies, change the world

We want to make life more enjoyable, inclusive and easy for people in everyday life - to relieve from stress and help change the world.

We see challenges as opportunities for growth and development on an individual level - and as a society.

We grow - when you grow.

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➝ Elastic UX-teams built for your needs
➝ Flexible subscription plans
➝ Versatile services when you need them


Our team is located across Sweden, Europe & South Africa, connected through a remote agency approach that fosters collaboration and creativity.

Our professional backgrounds reach beyond graphic design into the worlds of health, sustainability, communications, development, production, and behavioural sciences.

We unite these unique skills and perspectives within an inclusive, welcoming environment that makes good sh*t happen for you.

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Sara Gramstad

UX Director

Daniel Kårén

Creative Director

Nicklas Schmölker

UX Engineering Manager

John Wikerstål

Marketing Specialist


Production Manager

David Gällring

Production Manager


UX Developer

David Gällring

Production Manager

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Code & Tech

Content & SEO

Digital Marketing

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