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What we do

Kreation is not a typical studio. under flexible retainer plans we deliver continuous growth.

UX strategy

We love UX. And as a starting point we kick off new collaborations with 2 weeks of user-centered workshop sessions to really get to know your user. The outcome is a UX strategy to map out pain-points, user personas, solutions, competitive advantages, unique value proposition, visual direction, and a UX roadmap to get you where you want.

4 Week Sprints

Using your UX strategy we are able to work with your team on agile sprints designing and optimizing brand identities, design systems, interfaces, websites, apps and content. We are connected through a remote agency approach that fosters collaboration and creativity and become a part of your team in the process to help you design, build and scale your brand or product.

So what do we really do?


UX design is more than color & shape. When we say design, we mean the overall feel, expression and function of the service or product we develop. Ease of use, structure, navigation, appeal, tonality are all important parts of our design work.

  • Brand Strategy

  • Identity Design

  • Package Design

  • Advertising

Websites, Apps

At Kreation, the user experience is key. Regardless of technology. Regardless of platform. We develop everything from smaller websites to applications and everything in between. Always with a focus on interaction, performance, security, SEO and again the user experience.

  • UX/UI Design

  • Websites

  • Low-code Prototyping

  • Full-stack Development


Content. It has never been so important. Text, image, sound and video. Content that informs, entertains, worries and activates. Content that engages and converts. At Kreation we create and optimise on-brand content and use different marketing channels depending on where your clients are.

  • Filming

  • Photo Production

  • Motion Design

  • Illustration