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A Lean Agency for Startups

We've built Kreation Studio from the ground up, so we know what it's like to build a business while having to keep the lights on.

When initially launching your startup it's easy to fall into the pit of choosing only one area 'to launch first', spending every resource on tech, design or marketing.

By compromising in the initial stages your core values may shed as you continue, and a first product may be launched onto the market without its full capacity. With gaps to fill the client will make up own assumptions about your company, and may interpret the product as 'nothing special'.

Through seeing your startup as a totality we are able to streamline processes and put empathy on building only the vital parts to launch your product onto the market.

We build upon the narrative and core making up your unique solution, to build competitive communication without any room left for misinterpretations.

With efficient and well measured production we at Kreation Studio will make sure to launch your startup with high capacity and qualitative marketing. This will help you scale your startup quickly and establish your solution on the market, to expand successfully.

With a clear message your startup can take an authentic position on the market and launch safely adapted to your specific needs and budget.

Many startups spend months trying to launch their product on their own. With a new perspective and our tried and tested process we can help you gain clarity and direction in only a couple of days.

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Sara Gramstad
FOUNDER of Kreation Studio

Lean Marketing

— realistic marketing plans delivering ROI

Now you know us.
But, who are you?

You're the type of leader who wants to raise the bar and are always looking for new ways to optimise and create growth. The idea of creating a rememberable and personal experience for your customers is important for you.

Your team is like a family, and you're engaged in creating the type of culture that makes work both playful and meaningful. When you think about your brand you want to build a startup worth following, not only because of what you do, but because of what you believe in and stand for.

Does this sound like you? We may be a greater fit than red wine and Friday evenings. All of our projects starts with a conversation, so let's begin there.

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We work together with our competent team and clients, collaborating to lift your products or services to its full potential.

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When our clients succeed - we succeed. We treat each project as our own, we want to be proud.

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A solid foundation for a great collaboration is trust. We provide our clients with transparent agreements, and regular reporting.

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To create with least effort and greatest efficiency a clear communication is key. Whatever we need - we ask, and whatever you need - we are here for you.

Kreation Production Managers

Sara Gramstad

CEO at Kreation Studio

Sara Gramstad

Special expertise in
Art direction, front end & UX
+46 703 44 50 48

Daniel Kårén

CMO at Kreation Studio

Daniel Kårén

Special expertise in
Visual production & motion design
+46 768 055 172

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We run a small efficient agency, always on the look out for open-minded startups and talented folks to collaborate with. All of our projects starts with a conversation — Schedule a meeting or Fill out this form

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