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Are you launching an Innovative Service? We've successfully helped startups turn their ideas into reality. Let us tell you a bit more about what we can do for you.

How-to launch an Innovative Service?

As there are as many great answers as companies, one common area still exists. To launch a modern product onto a competitive well-informed audience you need to stay on top. You need to nail every area of your communication leaving out all question marks. Confidently providing a great solution - that your ideal client just needs to try.

What we can do for your Startup:

We meet you where you're at, find your specific needs and can help you create a progressive plan. As we help you build your communication we see to it that every element reflect your values and engage your ideal client to interact with your brand, try out your products - and spread the word.

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Kreation Studio was founded in Lund, Sweden in 2019 by Sara Louise Gramstad who still runs the agency today. With earlier experience in Social psychology, development and graphic design, she created an agency based upon customer needs around the world. And Kreation Studio now represent over 30 brands with a skilled team of 15 creators in Östersund, and different parts of the world.

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Before we commit to any project, we make sure we can provide value. If we can’t see an opportunity for us to help you, we turn down the job.

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