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Lean Marketing

At Kreation we love designing & building digital roadmaps to help scale Startups

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Lean Marketing

At Kreation we love designing & building digital roadmaps to help scale Startups

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Since 2019 we've
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Lean Marketing Kreation Studio

Scale with Lean Marketing

Lean marketing enables a startup to convert business vision into a realistic action plan that negotiates risk and ensures digital initiatives deliver ROI.

A digital roadmap outlines what goals a startup wants to achieve through identifying digital initiatives that can help it get there.

It provides a blueprint for action that aligns digital initiatives with short- and long-term business objectives.

Having a complete, flexible roadmap in place is key to achieve a startup's goals through digital initiatives
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— pricing built for startups just like yours

Fixed Price

For investments that have a clear limitation. Our vision is to package efficient processes that provide more value for you than it costs.

starting at   €3000

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Assigned Project Manager
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Progressive Startup Plan
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Custom Built Solutions
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Agile Work Team


For ongoing collaborations. Pay a fixed price per month or top up your hourly saving bank if necessary. This is also a good way to spread costs over a longer period of time.

starting at  €500/mo

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Monthly Support
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Functionality Checkup
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SEO Optimisation
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Update Features
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Action Steps

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Digital roadmap

Do you have an idea of a product or service that you want to launch onto the market?

Our agency can provide your startup with a complete digital roadmap. Starting out with design oriented workshops to find out the core values and build a prototype to test your concept on a real-time audience. The product discovery process is the first step to bring your product or service to life, and build a sustainable roadmap to follow.

Idea & Innovation Workshops
User Story Mapping
Strategy & Plan
Early Prototyping
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What will happen if you build a product on wrong assumptions?

By validating your product on a real-time audience you'll gain valuable feedback to develop a relevant solution. So before we build your product we'll help you quickly validate your concept with user interviews, usability testing and personas to optimise the UX and increase your chance of success.

UX interview
Workflow & Usability
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Product Design

Want to bring visual value to your project?

Our team of UX/UI designers and strategists help you create stunning branding, packaging design and collateral from scratch. With coherent visuals we’ll help you connect with your audience in an authentic manner, and establish your concept on a competitive market.

Branding Collateral
Packaging Design & Usability Prototyping
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Visual Production

How to capture your audience in 15 seconds?

As the digital market is getting more and more competitive by every second, the need to produce innovative content increases significantly. We'll help you use video, animation, illustration and photography to tell your story and capture the essence of your brand most efficiently.

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Web Development

Does your concept deserve a modern website with seamless functionality?

As your development agency, we'll guide you through a tried-and-tested process to launch a professional website. With the latest technologies and best practices our developers & UX/UI designers provide your project with front-end and back-end to optimise every aspect for: tech, design & marketing.

Wireframes & Prototypes
Webflow Website
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Marketing Action

How to set up an organic growth strategy to establish your product on the market?

It's no fun having a website no one visits, a product no one tries, or a brand that connects with no one. At Kreation our team help you build a marketing strategy to put all your products into action. With a detailed marketing growth plan, you increase your chance of succeeding and establish your startup most efficiently.

Marketing framework
Content & Copy
Ads & Campaigns
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Kreation Collab

— We partner with Lifestyle, Social & SaaS Startups, got an idea? Let's talk
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Startups are the pros

Startups are the ones providing the world with innovative solutions to help build a better future.

When initially launching your startup it's easy to fall into the pit of choosing only one area 'to launch first', spending every resource on tech, design or marketing.

By compromising in the initial stages your core values may shed as you continue, and a first product may be launched onto the market without its full capacity.

At our agency we believe tech, design and marketing are equally important to establish a startup as efficiently as possible.

As a startup you want to be seen, build trust and provide your solutions with seamless functionality.

After launching your startup it's time to set up a roadmap to keep scaling. As your agency we'll make sure to advance our team and develop your custom product to its full potential.

We provide your startup with —

+  Assigned Project Manager

When signing a contract with us you'll instantly get an assigned Kreation Manager - to keep you updated and who will answer any questions.

+  Dynamically Skilled Team

Based on your project profile we put together a skilled team of professionals from our selected network. As your team we'll help you create whatever you need in a modern and efficient manner.

+  Streamlined Efficient Solutions

In regard to your budget and timeline we help you create a progressive plan to get you where you want as efficiently as possible. With a clear timeline and checkpoints - to deliver qualitative solutions on deadline.

+  Strategic Creative Production

Through research and industry insights we help you build user optimised products to connect you with your market.

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