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Kreation Studio is not a typical agency. Under flexible subscription plans, we deliver ux design and conversion optimization.

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Kreation Studio — UX Design Agency

We add the tech-genius, the design-wiz and marketing nerd to your table.
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The ux design agency

The driving force of all, we believe that user experience design help make life more enjoyable, inclusive and easy.

More than just a design agency, we provide our partners with UX-teams under flexible subscription plans, to deliver user experience design and conversion optimisation.

Kreation is an agile and versatile team that shares a common goal: to build purposeful digital strategies along with the creative solutions of the future.

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➝ Grow your business while staying on-brand
➝ Work freely with a committed remote team
➝ Connect your brand to build long-term relations
We do


Design & UX

Code & Tech

Content & SEO

Digital Marketing

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We have a sweet spot for UX friendly innovative tools to collaborate in a workspace from all corners of the world.

We also use Shopify, Wordpress, Airtable, Google Firebase and more when needed to tailor a digital solution for your needs.




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What users say

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"They are extremely talented and put all their skills and heart into their commitments. I am so very happy with what they created for us, I would really recommend Kreation!"

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"In honesty I can be a bit sceptical towards receiving help. But the help I've received from the Kreation team is invaluable! In a subtle and minimal way they delivered the tools we need, above my expectations"

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"These pros are worth all the attention! Check out the websites they've made, mine for example"

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"They were very considerate to my wishes. I received a brand that was exactly what I wanted! So grateful and happy for this experience"

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Under flexible subscription plans, we deliver ux design and conversion optimization — with a remote team built for your needs

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Get lost in creative flow and grow your business with optimised UX iterations, for as long as you want.

What is User Experience Design?
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In user experience design we aim to connect your product with the user. We focus on building products that someone can easily use and enjoy using.

User experience design is about supporting user's needs, but making sure not to distract them from the overall experience of the product.

What UX Services do you offer?
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We are a UX Design Agency where we focus on delivering on-point design to help you grow your digital business.

We do -

Design & UX
Code & Tech
Content & SEO
Digital Marketing

Is there a fixed priced option for UX Design?
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We believe in long-term collaborations and getting to know our customers businesses inside-and-out.

Usually this is established with a monthly retainer for flexible services in Strategy, Design & UX, Code & Tech, Content & SEO and Digital Marketing.

All though, we are adaptable, and our main focus is to provide your business with a great collaboration. If you believe it's more of a project-to-project basis, we'll listen and draw up a suggestion for you.

How does a monthly UX retainer work?
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At the end of each month we sit down together to evaluate your current needs. We estimate your needs and decide which subscription is suitable.

You'll get access to a dashboard in and Figma where you'll be able to follow your process. And we'll schedule weekly check-ups with you to track our success.

And while you grow your business, we grow your digital strategy and conversion.

How much is the UX subscription per month?
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We estimate your current needs in different retainers based on your current needs.

We have three start suggestions:

Starter - to get going with 1-3 services a month.

Pro - to get moving more quickly with 3-10 services a month.

Enterprise - to start as your in-house team with unlimited services per month

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What is your UI/UX design process?
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Our UI/UX design process is based upon creating user centered design through insights, knowledge & iterations.

Discover - At first, we learn more about your user

- Then, we design and build your products

Improve - To test, and make valuable improvements

Can I pause my monthly UX retainer?
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Starting out, we try 30 days together to estimate your recurring needs. And to make sure we are a great fit.

After 30 days you'll get to choose to sign a proposal for: 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. Keeping the retainer active for as long as you need it.

If you need to pause your subscription you'll be able to put the retainer on hold - after the current agreement ends.

How big is the KREATION team?
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Our team is located across Sweden, Europe & South Africa, connected through a remote agency approach that fosters collaboration and creativity.

Our professional backgrounds reach beyond graphic design into the worlds of health, sustainability, communications, development, production, and behavioural sciences.

We unite these unique skills and perspectives within an inclusive, welcoming environment that makes good sh*t happen for you.