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We are a UX design studio

Fixed pricing. Flexible subscription plans. UX services for as long as you want.

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Fixed monthly price

Pay the same fixed price each month.

Fast design delivery

Get your design in just a few days on average.

Flexible and scalable

Scale up or down as needed, and cancel at anytime.

Once upon a time,
two designers lived in a fast changing world but worked in a slow changing industry.

Sara Gramstad Profile


Partner, UX Design Director

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Partner, UX Design Director

Design agencies were having endless meetings, pushed deadlines and static non-scalable solutions.

Our user centered design mission

Every brand needs design, and a great user experience is the gateway to higher conversion rates. So we strive to optimize your products with UX design services monthly and help scale your brand with ease.

Kreation stands for people

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We are User Centric

We think, make and iterate based upon what your users are saying. No one has better knowledge than your users; what they need, we build.

We are Collaborative

Competitive distant agencies are all in the past. We know working together with brilliant minds, opens up solutions for the future.

We build Innovations

As a collaborative studio we always aim for the third option, the road less traveled. Bridging gaps between different fields to open up authentic market spaces.

As simple as riding a bike

Fixed pricing. Flexible subscription plans. UX services for as long as you want.

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What others are saying

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"They are extremely talented and put all their skills and heart into their commitments. I am so very happy with what they created for us, I would really recommend Kreation!"

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"In honesty I can be a bit sceptical towards receiving help. But the help I've received from the Kreation team is invaluable! In a subtle and minimal way they delivered the tools we need, above my expectations"

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"These pros are worth all the attention! Check out the websites they've made, mine for example"

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"They were very considerate to my wishes. I received a brand that was exactly what I wanted! So grateful and happy for this experience"


Why does Kreation Studio exist?
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Kreation is our answer to an industry where clients all too often seemed to get left behind. We wanted to create a collaborative space with flexible teams and services - built for your needs.

At Kreation Studio we believe that great user experience design make life more enjoyable, inclusive and easy.

Instead of finding freelancers and agencies to put together projects by yourself (where you have to do all the heavy-lifting) we have put together a UX Design Studio to help scale your brand with ease.

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What UX Services do you offer?
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We are a UX Design Studio built by designers, engineers & marketers specialized in creating impactful user experiences.

We offer UX iterative services in Design, Engineering & Marketing to help your brand reach vital milestones.

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How does a monthly UX subscription work?
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We begin each collaboration with a UX onboarding to establish the framework needed to provide a monthly subscription.

The UX framework is built in Figma and consists of: User Centered Design Canvas, Personas, Customer Journey Map, UX Roadmap & UI Toolkit.

From start you'll get access to a dashboard in Clickup where you'll be able to follow the process as we go along. And we'll schedule weekly check-ups with you to track our success.

As the collaboration proceeds we suggest UX iterative services in Design, Engineering & Marketing to help you reach vital milestones.

And while you run your business, we help scale up your brand with UX design and conversion optimization.

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How to get started with UX design?
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1. Book a quick discovery call to tell us about your concept, goals & challenges.

2. Receive a project brief with steps to take, and suggestions in how to get there.

3. Get going with our UX onboarding to map out your recurring needs, and start out with the subscription that works best for you.

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Can I cancel my subscription?
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Yes, you can cancel at anytime.

How big is Kreation Studio?
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Kreation Studio is managed by a team of two - Sara & Daniel.

We work with our team that is located across Sweden, Spain & South Africa, connected through a remote agency approach that fosters collaboration and creativity.

Our team is skilled with Marketing Strategy, UI/UX Design, UX engineering, Low-Code, Website Development, App Development, Startup Models, Content Production, Copywriting, Illustration & Motion Graphics.

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